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No-Fault Summit, 5th Annual
04/26-27/18, Plymouth
See why Michigan lawyers like Robert E. Logeman, author of ICLE’s no-fault book, think you...
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Income Tax Planning for Family LPs, LLCs, and Disregarded Entities
05/16/18, Acme

Probate & Estate Planning Institute, 58th Annual
05/17-19/18, Acme; 06/14-15/18, Plymouth

Tax Conference, 31st Annual
05/24/18, Plymouth

The Lawyer-Paralegal Team: Effective Workflow to Maximize Efficiency
05/03/18, Plymouth

Homeward Bound 2017-2018: Marijuana Legalization and Real Property Law
05/03/18, Plymouth

On-Demand Seminars
See a quick preview of this new online training program....
Posted date 04/11/18
Zach Hallman, Angie Martell, and David Blanchard discuss staffing an employment law office....
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Richard A. Muller
Muller Muller Richmond Harms & Myers PC
Richard Muller has been practicing law since 1998. His expertise lies in the area of commercial collection law, consumer law, retail collection law, contract law, business law, and real estate law. He primarily advises and represents businesses and individuals...
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