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Your Partnership Content Gets a Face-Lift

Greater readability. Faster loading speeds. Better viewing on mobile devices.

These are just some of the improvements you’ll soon experience when changes to the look of your Partnership content start rolling out in December. While the rollout will be gradual, the benefits will be immediate.

Here are some helpful changes:

Top of ICLE website showing My Toolbar as a drop-down button

My Toolbar Is Moving

  • My Toolbar is moving to the top of the page
  • Always available, no matter where you are on the website
  • Easier to access on mobile devices
Online Book showing new look

New Look for Online Books

  • Larger text is easier to read on desktop and mobile devices
  • Spacious layout makes pages more scannable
  • New navigation lets you quickly move from chapter to chapter

We’re Here to Help!

As always, we’re here to support you and your practice. Call ICLE customer service at 877-229-4350 at any time for questions or your own personalized tour.