Civil Litigation

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Essential reference for new and seasoned litigators. Covers best practices for taking and defending depositions, including expert witness depositions. Includes solutions for numerous what if scenarios and sample deposition outlines to help you prepare.

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Effective attorney fee agreements are part of every profitable law practice. Get sample fee agreements and practice commentary for 13 types of matters, plus chapters on ethical requirements, practical issues in fees and billing, and collecting your fees.

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This concise book gives you answers to your questions about the work-product doctrine and the attorney-client privilege. Turn to this book when issues arise in your cases or simply to better understand the scope and limits of these doctrines.

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Know that you always have the current rules and latest cases with this continually updated online resource. Includes Michigan Court Rules with hundreds of case annotations linked to full-text cases. Also includes MRPCs, AOs, and local rules.

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Understand the damages you can recover in Michigan civil cases, including personal injury, employment, civil rights, breach of contract, business tort, and real estate cases. Also covers attorney fees, interest, and equitable remedies.

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Quickly identify the limitations period that applies to your case. Organized by topic, this book summarizes and cites all significant Michigan statutes of limitations. Includes lists of appeal and court rule periods and chapters on general topics.

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Know how to introduce over 60 different types of evidence in court, including electronic evidence. Organized by type of evidence, each chapter includes the relevant MRE, caselaw, foundation requirements, and sample witness examinations.

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Essential resource for the appellate specialist or a lawyer facing a first appeal. Handle any appeal with insider practice tips and expert advice. Includes key forms, checklists and sample briefs and motions.

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Popular handbook covering the 22 most common areas of Michigan practice, from real estate to divorce, employment, probate, debt collection, ADR, and more. Each chapter summarizes the law, gives practical guidance, and includes sample forms.

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Help your clients protect their most valuable intangible business assets. Covers unfair competition, trade secrets, fraud, business defamation, noncompetes, breach of fiduciary duty, shareholder derivative suits, and claims involving computer technology.

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Save time with 120+ causes of action and 200+ complaint-drafting checklists and sample complaints grouped into easily searchable chapters. Quickly identify controlling law, the statute of limitations, and jury instructions.

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ICLE's most comprehensive resource on Michigan civil procedure before and during trial. Includes in-depth summaries of the law, practical advice, and sample forms for all major topics. Written by leading Michigan judges and litigators.

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Paperback set of Michigan court rules and rules of evidence. Includes local court rules, the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct, and a comprehensive index to the MCRs.

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ICLE's most comprehensive evidence resource. Includes the text of each MRE, its history, analysis of the rule with practice tips, helpful case annotations, and discussion of comparable federal rules.

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Includes all the model instructions used in civil trials in Michigan, with use notes for the judge and Committee comments. These instructions must be used as provided in MCR 2.512(D).

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Sturdy six-panel chart provides quick courtroom access to every rule of evidence and authority for common objections.

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Always have a full set of the most recent SCAO-approved court forms on your computer, ready to fill in and save, using recent versions of the Adobe Reader. Find forms quickly with user-friendly search and browse.

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ICLE's concise practice guide for every stage of the unemployment benefits process in Michigan. Covers eligibility and disqualification, administrative and judicial challenges to benefits decisions, and restitution of overpayment.

Make your next deposition your best with online training. Eight no-fault litigators demonstrate best practices. Hands-on exercises prepare you to take depositions, resolve problems, and depose experts. Gain new techniques and develop your winning style.

Make your next deposition your best with online training. Eight employment law lawyers demonstrate best practices. Hands-on exercises prepare you to take or defend sexual harassment-based depositions. Gain new techniques and develop your winning style.

On-Demand Seminars
Presented 04/10/19 | On-Demand Seminar
Limited scope representation (LSR) gives lawyers the opportunity to reach a wider variety of clients by offering affordable, discrete legal services. Identify matters suitable for LSR and manage the representation in compliance with the rules.

Presented 04/24/19 | On-Demand Seminar
Communication skills are critical for limited scope representation. Lawyers must clearly explain the scope of the representation, what each party is agreeing to accomplish, and any associated fees. Watch an expert explain key concepts to a client.

Presented 07/13/20 | On-Demand Seminar
With the discovery rule changes, family law lawyers are using depositions as an important discovery tool in divorce cases. Our experts share strategies for deciding when a deposition makes sense and then demonstrate best practices for handling one.

Presented 02/08/21 | On-Demand Seminar
Remote depositions are likely to become a permanent part of the discovery process even after COVID-19. Don't be caught off guard by some of the unique challenges that can arise when taking a deposition virtually.

Presented 02/15/21 | On-Demand Seminar
With widespread court closures and delayed trial dates across the state, mediation has become one of the only ways to timely resolve cases for clients. Be ready to conduct an efficient and worthwhile mediation using video conferencing software.

Presented 04/17/19 | On-Demand Seminar
The basic framework for limited scope representation (LSR) is straightforward, but complications arise in practice. Prepare for potential problems and manage issues as they arise so you can keep providing affordable, discrete legal services to clients.

Presented 06/22/21 | Webcast |
Hear straight from Hon. Terrence G. Berg on everything from making a good impression to preparing an effective closing argument. Tactically refine the issues and learn how to persuade the court through brief writing and oral argument.

Presented 06/06/22 | On-Demand Seminar
Get valuable insights on how to successfully prepare and present your case at a settlement conference. Hear how settling cases has changed post-elimination of case evaluation sanctions and new approaches to facilitate a productive conference.

Presented 03/07/22 | On-Demand Seminar
Your client's day in court starts with filing a lawsuit. This involves filing the necessary documents in the right place at the right time - and serving the defendants effectively. Get expert insights to help you every step of the way.

Presented 07/21/20 | On-Demand Seminar
Hear from a Michigan circuit court judge on what state courts have done to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, the efforts of the Supreme Court Administrative Office to explore virtual trials, and the challenges for courts to continue to serve the public.

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